Government Finalized

Now that the war of independence is over, the government has been finalized with a new constitution viewable under the constitution link in the sidebar.



The royal guardsmen and the rangers are looking into a burglary case in lower Monte Cristo.  All information as to its whereabouts appreciated.


Other sites to visit.

Along with this site there is the Gallanovian foreign office webpage at and our national news site at  Coming soon is the van Helsing royal family’s own webpage.


Due to her success in the war for independence, pepper von Hindenburg is now the new chancellor sworn in by the new king Lucas of the van Helsing line.

New Claims

Gallanova now owns due to terraes nullius the Getz Ice Shelf and Plana Cays taken by the Gallanovian Navy from Antarctica and the Bahamas respectively along with horse head islands Greenland.

His majesty king Lucas Ruritania the wolf of Gallanova, the magnificient Lord of the Lake Count of Monte Cristo Duke of Pine and overlord of the twin isles.

The King

The King is feeling quite ill lately and may not be in the news a lot.  Sorry for those curious.

Alfred Oslo

Kings aide de camp